Just about three hours from Amsterdam, I arrived in Brugge, a small but beautiful town in Belgium. 

This morning I was woken up by the clatter of hoofs. I thought I was still in a dream. But as the clatter was mixed with vehicle noise and hones, I noticed that I'm in a real fantasy: the dreamy town that still had a remnant of medieval days.

Sights to see are within walking distance. 
You can visit by a canal boat as well.
Here in Brugge, even swans are gentle and friendly to tourists.

Hotel room and window view  Hotel: Ter Duinen



As the sky framed by an attic window of the hotel is brightly blue,
I woke up this morning with a yawn of comfort.
Thinking of today's itinerary is a lot of fun.  
Though it's not my taste in traveling, I  crammed many schedules day to night.



A short letter from Neitherland.
Now I'm staying in Amsterdam.
I've long dreamed of traveling in this beautiful city with canals, breathtaking architecture, and amazing museums. The city old and new that people created on their freewill.



Sorry for the lack of blog updates.
Now I'm working on the kitchen renovation and having trouble eating and even
drinking(!) Gosh, to renovate a cooking space is harder than I had thought.

By the way, my today's look is quite simple. All white look makes me
look cool and chic on such a hot day. And I adore these shoes with
chunky heelsーA statement pair to elevate the simple look literally from the bottom!

top: Hiholli(similar here)
shorts: zara(here)
belt: Max Mara(similar here)
bracelet: Valentino
watch: Cartier
shoes: zara(here)



Sharing my updated nails inspired by Incan murals.

Thanks for reading!!



Why do girls want to kinda brag when they've got booty on sale??
Well I do, I love to do.
OK......just let me show this lovely Marni top I snapped up at the end of sale season (actually 75% off!!)
The color......(without saying my favorite!), the linen fabric......(yap!),
asymmetric detail......(look at this fin!!), and floral print, 
ooops! this top has literally everything I love.
In case you are in shopping mood, I recommend you Saks.com,
they are offering the exclusive sale here with tons of it items
for the current season!!

top: Marni(here)
shorts: Topshop(old)
earrings: Unoaerre
bracelet: Lele Sadoulghi(here)
bag: Pierre Balmain



How can we cope with the feeling when we get bored of summer outfits
like cotton dresses or tanks with denim shorts?
Maybe now it's time to look for the fall items upcoming at stores or online,
and pair them with summer staples.
I love adding new season's elements, I've been wearing this suede skirt
quite often and started to put on the boots in the summer texture so that
I can feel so updated!!

top: Tamara Mellon(here)
skirt: zara(maybe on sale at stores)
earrings: Mary Design
bangle: Forever 21
belt: Marni(similar here)
bag: Pierre Hardy(similar here)
boots: Hermes