Nothing is more cozy than to daydream on this couch in the shiny afternoon.
No books, no magazine, no lap-top for a while.

top: asos(here, similar here)
shorts: Topshop(similar here,here)
earrings: Style Nanda(here)
bracelet: Rada(similar here)
tiara ring: Ahkah
other rings: bought at local shops
shoes: Stella McCartney(here,here on sale!!)

Thank you so much for reading!



This weekend is an adrenaline shot of summertime, heavy rain, scorching sun,
and actually I found and exterminated a nest of hornets today!!
(Does anyone want to see the pic??)

The nest was built on a tree in the backyard....just where I walk around and
take a nap. Yes. It was a horror....but fortunately I wasn't stang.

Anyway, I wish you a happy weekend. Be merry and be safe.
If you find hornets, never shake the nest (that's what I learned on internet)
and call a professional right away.

top: Designworks(JP brand/similar here)
shorts: Val Kyrie(similar here)
necklace: Adia Kibur
earrings: one of a kind from etsy
transparent bangle: asos
orange bangle: Hermes
bag: asos(similar here)
shoes: Elizabeth&James(similar here)



shoes: Stella Mccartney(here)

How many do you think lips are there on my feet??
Let me count...(drumroll)......wow!! currently 25 lips in toto!



To tell you the truth, lately I made two brave splurges for celebrating
myself that I could finish a big project.
One is this skirt. I fell in love for the first sight and have been drooling over
almost a month.
The lemon printed brocade skirt has a fun 60's vibe along with a very
modern vibrance. Love it!!
And one more thing I invested in...was a camera......Leica M!!
Yes, I made a debut on Leica series!
 I've got to brush up my skill during the summer vacation and love to share
the photos with you in the near future!!

top: zara(old)
skirt: Dolce&Gabbana(here,here)
necklace: fifth(JP brand)
bangle: Forever21(here)
bag: Givenchy(red here/blue here)
shoes: Christian Louboutin



It's not that often for me to wear a dress 'cause I prefer to think of
pairing items, but lately I found an amazing one that I want to share with you...^^

Featuring mystic landscape print, this dress is well-structured in details
while it makes for an wearable design. Flared skirt flatters the figure
and best of all, the continuity of the unique print stands out even from a
long distance and perks you up by 1-minute styling.

dress: Sheinside(here)
bag: zara(old)
triangle bracelet: Forever 21(here)
mesh bracelet: Forever 21
bangle: bought at a local boutique
earrings: etsy
shoes: Select Clolor(here)



Floral print items are my year-around wardrobe staples, but I really put
them day and night during the summer. And especially this summer,
I'm into the idea of punching up the flower bouquet with some lace
and vibrant colors. I loved the mix here, that made me want to wear
for lovely dinners (but I should finish my task before day-dreaming anyway)!

top: Muehleder(here)
inner top: no brand(similar here)
pants: Elizabeth&James(here)
necklace: Adia Kibur(also love this)
bangle: Forever 21
bag: bought at a local boutique
shoes: zara(old)



This week's record-breaking typhoon brought irresistable humidity afterwards.
And...now, the weather won't give you many choices.
Choices from a simple tank or a mini skirt, in short,  something to keep chill in this scorching, melting city.

top: Ylang Ylang(also love this)
skirt: cameo
hat: Gordon(similar here)
belt: asos(similar here)
bangle(black): Jimmy Choo
bangle(gold): Forever 21(here)
bag: Jimmy Choo(similar here)
shoes: Christin Louboutin